My wish is for us to develop a relationship that embodies the true essence of Family Practice, to be the kind of family doctor/GP that is fast fading from today’s modern era of remote communication and super-specialisation. No Google search or high-tech investigation can replace the intimacy and intricacy of a face-to-face discussion with a doctor who is not only knowledgeable about Medicine, but also about you as a person, your family, your background, who has shared in the ups and downs that life has to offer and who genuinely has your best interests at heart, as well as those of your children, parents and grandparents.
My ethos is to try give you as much time as you need to address your concerns in full, without the time pressure or clock-watching that most people experience with busy GP practices. I endeavour to LISTEN to what your concerns are, and only once we have discussed things in full, from all angles, to then conduct a detailed examination and explain my findings, conclusions, diagnosis & recommendations with you before deciding TOGETHER what our management plan should be.


Most people who have had frustrating or unsatisfying interactions with doctors complain about the same things –

  • “He didn’t listen to me and let me finish what I wanted to say”
  • “He hardly examined me”
  • “He didn’t explain what was wrong, just wrote a script and sent me on my way”
  • “I was barely in there for 5 minutes”

I hope you will find that this is the antithesis of what you will experience with me.
My wife, Kirsten, and our crazy kids, Roxy & Luca, welcome you to our happy family – I look forward to meeting yours.
Your partner in health
Dr Darren Levin