Family Medicine & Paediatrics

Family Medicine & Paediatrics are my passion. There are so many complex dynamics around health within a family unit, and once I get to know your family and understand some of those dynamics we can really start to address health together, rather than illness. As a father of 2 small children and very blessed husband, my appreciation and understanding of the impact of illness on “normal” family life has been expanded far beyond the purely medical.
A cold is more than a cold if your child can’t sleep lying flat, and you end up shattered after sitting upright with him on you for 5 nights in a row… A sick parent who still has to take care of the kids AND manage the household doesn’t have the luxury of resting, so stays sick for 2 weeks instead of 3 days… One partner commutes for work & the kids always manage to get sick while they are away, putting major strain on marital relations… You have sole responsibility for taking care of your elderly frail parent, but at the same time have to manage your business & the demands of family life and there’s never enough time to devote to all 3…
I might only see your child with a cold, or the sick mommy, or your frail mom or dad, but as a family man and Family Doctor all the other elements around that situation are as important to me as the person who is ill, and that hopefully helps me help the family unit, rather than just the patient.

Family and paeds

As a proud parent myself I can honestly say that my extensive medical Paediatric expertise has been expanded hugely by the experience of being a Dad – if you haven’t been a parent there are just some things you will never understand, and I now understand! So, please don’t hesitate to bring your kids if you have any concerns.
Nowadays many parents see their Paediatrician as their first port of call for anything regarding their children, not realising that Paediatricians are specialists, highly qualified & highly trained to deal with specialised, serious and complicated problems, just like any other specialist. This results in them becoming overburdened with problems that are well within a good GP’s scope to handle, and takes time away from where they should be using their skills – to help very sick children.
I hope you will find that our very child-friendly practice is a comfortable space to address your concerns, and I assure you that I will always personally arrange an urgent referral to your Paediatrician if the situation warrants it.