Travel Clinic
Wherever you may be headed, we offer up-to-the-minute travel advice regarding outbreaks, health hazards and required or recommended vaccines for all destinations, as well as Malaria prevention advice and medication. At the same visit we can advise on any prescription items needed for your travel kit.
If you have a record of any childhood or travel vaccines you have been given in the past it is extremely helpful to bring that along so that you don’t receive any unnecessary vaccinations. Many vaccines have only a limited period that they protect you for, or require boosters if travelling to a high-risk area, so even if you are sure you have had a recommended vaccine previously, it is best to check if you are still within the protection period.
The only vaccine we do not offer is Yellow Fever.
Please be aware that it is not recommended to take children under 11kg into a Malaria area as there is no effective prevention available for these children, and they are at the highest risk for severe and even fatal complications of Malaria.